Anthony Day, IBM: the corporate blockchain in 2020

Episode 23 of Blockspeak starred Anthony Day, IBM’s blockchain partner, in which Day talked about how the blockchain is used to respond to COVID, the situation of corporate blockchain in 2020 and what are the drivers and obstacles to adoption.

Monty Munford, the show’s presenter, went into the world of corporate blockchain with Anthony and discovered how IBM is climbing platforms like Tradelens, etc..

With TradeLens kicking off the episode’s conversation, Anthony revealed that the interconnected ecosystem has recorded an astonishing 1.3 billion events. TradeLens is an open and neutral supply chain platform based on blockchain technology. IBM and GTD Solution Inc. developed it jointly.

„TradeLens is one of those newborn corporate networks – we call them business networks – that are essentially open, scalable private and business entity networks. They can include government activities; shipping agencies; transportation companies – there is a whole mix of players. We have just passed 1.3 billion events.

Transparency is a key idea behind the rapid adoption of blockchain technology within the supply chain. As the world’s first blockchain-enabled shipping solution, TradeLens now has more than 90 organizations from across the supply chain that have already signed up to participate in the global project.

The blockchain at the time of COVID, the opinion of Anthony Day

Efforts have been made to leverage blockchain technology around the world, in the context of the supply chain in ports, retail and logistics. The Corona Millionaire has been used primarily in these pilot experiments to enable real-time tracking of shipments and shared access to data between consortium members, building trust.

Since the beginning of the current pandemic, experts have been exploring the possibility of exploiting the blockchain during these difficult times. Given its advantages in terms of supply chain reliability, transparency in cases of multiple use and traceability of goods, the blockchain option currently seems convenient.

As indicated in the conversation with Anthony, IBM is probably working on a solution that allows people to validate their security. The solution focuses on „the ability to demonstrate or validate that someone is low risk“.

„This is what we are trying to make possible in this case.

Verified digital COVID test result

Today the world needs a solution that certifies an identity that in turn certifies the subject’s positivity or negativity according to the results of recent COVID tests. And, depending on this certification, the identity will be able to do its job, travel or dine in a restaurant.

Incorporated into their digital identity, it will act as a pass that will allow organizations to provide services in complete freedom.